Autumn's Edge - Overcoming Fear by Moira Ashleigh

Posted on Nov 24, 2016 at 5:07 PM

Frosted Rose from my garden, Woburn, MA

The days here are waning quickly, heading toward the Winter. a time to pull in and dream. Until this modern society, this was something people expected and knew how to do. To pull in, do less, survive the time of less light, less food, less warmth. They worried if they would survive, but it was an immediate worry. And in the Autumn they prepared as much as possible for the coming Winter.

But we do not really have to prepare. We have grocery stores, and the Internet. We have television and cars. There are snowplows and deicer. All this to allow us to live as if Winter was not here. In many ways Winter is just an inconvenience to us.

I think we have lost our connection to the seasons by trying to overcome them. We did battle and won, but perhaps we did not win. Perhaps we have only a short, in the time of the Earth, respite from our connection to the natural world we live in.

We live in a time when people are scared. They do not admit it but you see it in the amount of depression, the quick tempers and the fixation on anything sensational to assuage the underlying fear. And this fear comes from our disconnection from the natural world, our "winning the battle" against Nature.

We have not won anything.

Everything we have comes from Nature. Every car, computer, chemical compound all comes from this beautiful planet we live on. And like anything we warp to our will, Nature cannot be healthy under our control.

We all know things are not right. We know it deep in our bones, our blood, our heart. And we are afraid, much like a batterer is afraid of the victim they batter, or a rapist is afraid of the power of the person they "conquer." We are deeply scared. And unscrupulous people are using that against us.

We are afraid of loosing everything we have, because we have built what we have on control. And control needs things not to change.

Do not let anyone fill you with so much fear, that it makes you cling to control over. Control is an illusion that is built in fear of change.

We know change is always happening around us.
We can see it every day.
This is the contradiction that unsettles us, causing our deep fear.

Let's be deeply honest.
Yes, we are going to have to change. And I agree that is scary.
But there is a better way than being scared of the changes that we need to make.

We have the capability to use our intelligence for the good of all. If we come together. If we can look honestly at what we need versus what we want.

We can work with change.
We can live more in harmony with Nature and still have wonderful lives.
Not just for us, but for all the beings on this planet.

Open your eyes, your heart, your mind to the connections we all have with Nature. Step into a world where you are a part of the whole. not doing battle with life, but truly deeply living it. Step out of the control box, and lets do this together.

We can find a way to live in this world without fear, hate, and violence.
We can. It is what we want.

Let's do it.

Life Mantra: Active coonnection with Nature grows happiness and joy.

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