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About SolsticeSun Design

SolsticeSun Design is a webdesign, graphic design and usability company, with the expertise and experience to create sites that are easy to download and navigate, while maintaining a striking visual presence and theme. We work with responsive designs that are search engine optimized.

Our goal is to help our clients engage with others and to make that process easy. We want their visual face to the world to be about them, not about us. There are no pre-made designs to fit into. Each design is tailored to our clients needs.

At SolsticeSun Design we like to help clients manage and maintain their own site to the degree that they are comfortable doing this. Creating templates that can be maintained with basic web development tools, building a WordPress site, or we can set up an ongoing maintenance plan, where we make necessary updates and revisions.

If you feel we can help you enhance or establish your Internet presence then

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Web Design
Designer and Teamleader

Moira Ashleigh is an excellent web design and usability team leader. She is highly self-motivated and enjoys the challenges of working with diverse businesses to find the image that truly represents them. Her desire is to tailor the website to the specific client and their needs, including being responsive to today's technology devices.

Moira has designed websites for: B.J. Kennison Kitchens, Baths & More, Centre for ISO9000, EarthSpirit, Inc., Maine Association for Infant Mental Health, Katherine Spada Basto, Evil Overlord Games, Stephen Earp Pottery, Denver Corporate Magic, Corvid Design, Jane Ashford, Trendincite LLC, KBKabaret, Jane LeCompte, Massachusetts Charter Public Schools Association, Messagefire, Olympic Mountain Earth Wisdom Circle, Jenny Hinckley, Jan Veen Memorial, Meridian Acupuncture. DAGW, D&B B2B Sales and Marketing, RGood Software, Somewhere Consulting Group, Maine Infant Mental Health, Mary Norwood Campaign, Elias Israel Campaign, Spamwatcher, Convergence 2001, Dave Rizzo Campaign, Dancing Flowers, Triskele Design, WiseWays Herbals, Dean Cook Campaign ,The Libertarian Party of Massachusetts, Tribal Ways/Spirit Ways, Dyax Corp, MoonScents, ProManage Incorporated, EarthSpirit Inc., Moira Ashleigh Nature Photographer, and Photo.R.Good.net.

Websites-Things that work  Leadership
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Front End User Interface
Contractor UI Design

Moira Ashleigh combines over twenty years of electronic industry experience with fifteen years of client focused business expertise in public relations and entrepreneurial practices. Moira enjoys the ongoing challenges of working with Internet development for her clients, who range from small non-profits to world wide information management industries.

Moira has contracted with: Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc., New River Inc., Dun & Bradstreet Inc., iMarket Inc. , zapdata.com, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and Somewhere LLC. All contracts were under confidentiality clauses.

Some products she has recently worked on include: Web Reporting Portal, EDM Dashboard, Document Approval Portal, FundPOINT Desktop, FundPOINT Desktop 529, FundPOINT Research, FundPOINT Monitor, Consent Accelerator, Lincoln VPX, Proxy, Broadridge Document Ingestion, Print Command Center, E-Advisor, Client Portal, PE VPX, Billing Engine, FundPOINT Desktop, FundPOINT Desktop 529, FundPOINT Research, FundPOINT Monitor, Prospectus Express, TIAA Cref Portal, Summary Prospectus prototype, Lincoln Fund Line Up, Alerts, FINRA Examiner, Lincoln CDE, Hartford Ad Hoc, Sell List Manager, Retirement Doc-launcher.

UI UX Practices   Past Projects
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Red bleeding hearts, Woburn, MA

Requirements & Technical Documentation
Capturing the details

From the beginning to the end Moira has the expertise and experience to complete the picture for a professional and accessible User Interface experience. Capturing the overall picture while completing and tracking the minute changes to satisfy a broad client base.

She has written and revised User Guides for the following products: FundPOINT Desktop, FundPOINT Desktop 529, FundPOINT Monitor, FundPOINT Research, Document Approval, Document Management Portal, Web Reporting Portal and SiteMinder for Client Services. She also created an alternative to the FAQ in her "How Do I" product auxiliary.

Moira has also created flow charts and data analysis for numerous products.

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