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Why you do not see screen shots

I have been a freelance contractor for almost 20 years, in each and every place that I have worked, I have signed confidentiality agreements. I take those very seriously. This is part of why I am a great contractor -- that, and my willingness to take on what needs to be done, sometimes before it has been assigned to me. I will even advocate for a piece of a project, if I know that I am the best person for the job.

Some memories that stand out ...

Some of the projects I am truly proud to have shaped:

At New River, now Broadridge Financial Solutions, I took the web reporting tool from a difficult to use login nightmare, to a streamlined client responsive tool. The tool now allows a single login to have permissions for multiple product lines, date parameters for immediate custom reports to view and download, and the ability to see errors as they happen in sell list uploads. Finally I spearheaded the ability to allow the client to upload an inter-day fix for sell list uploads.

Other accomplishments at Broadridge Financial Solutions:

  • Led the re-branding of the older web applications including two products that we rebuilt in India. During this process I identified vulnerabilities and worked with product and client support to eliminate them.
  • Created the UI front end to their client's customer database. In this front end design were were able to show customer duplication and financial householding relationships easily. Plus the active search and results were displayed on one screen in an easy to use and comprehend layout.
  • Convinced the engineering department to allow me to make the template for a responsive email notification. My design worked back to IE6.
  • -
  • Created the UI/UX design for a document approval tool that the client could use and track documents sent for printing and e-delivery. In that project, I developed a targeted "How Do I...?" tool that is much easier to use that the normal FAQ solution.

During my last month at Broadridge Financial Solutions, I built a Bootstrap mock-up to explore and guide the next iteration of their main desktop tool, shaping and moving it toward a responsive layout and function.

At New River, I was the UI person who created the final mock-up layout for Summary Prospectus that was implemented by the SEC as a guideline for companies bringing the new financial product online.

Also at New River, I designed a web interface tool to guide financial planners as they worked with their clients to make choices about 529 plan investments. It included a side by side comparison tool for up to 4 plans that was divided into expandable sections and allowed the user to add and remove plans without leaving the page.

At zapdata they had a web project that was modeled on the iMarket successful list building software. The ongoing problem, the software had led the user through the process, but the web UI could not. I came in and instead of building a "Wizard", which was the current thing to do at the time, I created a 5 step UI/UX process that helped the user create a list, including hints to make the process more effective.

When the Massachusetts Charter Schools Association was first created, I was the designer who launched them on the Internet. I worked with them on their Best Practices concept and implementation. I also devised and built the first charter school locate by county map.

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